Longing for excitement, adventures, or change in your life This used to be a common issue between the more introverted and content partner and the more extroverted and impetuous partner.

These days…..its just about all of us. As we do our part to protect our health, the health of those closest to us, and to the over-all good of the country, we are faced with precious few opportunities for anything to “happen.”

The solution is to bring creativity and imagination into play and come up with new and previously unconsidered activities that can generate some excitement and variety into your daily quarantined lives. But, how does one do this when there a general atmosphere of boredom and hopelessness is let loose on the land? Solutions are not out of reach. As is always the case with these kinds of miasmic clouds one beginingss by making a commitment to finding a solution regardless of the degree of difficulty.

Next, take the first step to implementing a chosen change–however small or insignificant it might appear. When the two of you make the choice together to find a solution AND agree that you will both research, brainstorm, and listen to every suggestion the other makes without criticism or negative response you are well on your way. A walk in the park is not a cruise to the Islands. Ordering groceries in and preparing TOGETHER a dinner you haven’t previously tried is not a night out at a five star restaurant.

Yes, you will have to lower your standards for adventure(for a while), but you don’t need to lower your standards for expressing joy, creativity, and love for each other. Then, something WILL happen.


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1. Do you sometimes wish your relationship today could be more like it was when it first began?
2. Are some subjects too difficult to discuss and often lead to conflict?
3. Do either of you wish you knew more about your partner’s feelings and desires?
4. Are both of you certain that either of you is expressing love in a way that makes the other feel absolutely fulfilled?
5. Have either of you ever felt that sex and intimacy should be easier and less challenging?