That’s something I hear from the majority of people who call for couple’s therapy. Sometimes that is all that needs to be attended to (sometimes not). The healing process usually requires :

1. understanding the core communication issues–control, conflict avoidance, and fear of rejection are the among the most frequent.

2. Learning how to communicate without criticism, judgement, defensiveness or fear.

3. Practicing good listening skills and empathy. Sometimes accomplishing these three abilities requires a neutral coach to guide both partners and encourage the development of these insights and skills. My book Fanning the Flames: Revving up Romance In Your Relationship (amazon Kindle)can also provide some step by step guidance to this kind of communication.


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Just answer the 5 questions below to get the result.

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1. Do you sometimes wish your relationship today could be more like it was when it first began?
2. Are some subjects too difficult to discuss and often lead to conflict?
3. Do either of you wish you knew more about your partner’s feelings and desires?
4. Are both of you certain that either of you is expressing love in a way that makes the other feel absolutely fulfilled?
5. Have either of you ever felt that sex and intimacy should be easier and less challenging?