Pathways to Intimacy

The self-guided online couples course that helps them focus on achieving a more emotionally intimate, and sexually satisfying relationship.

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Dr. David Bloodgood

With nearly a quarter century of experience assisting individuals and couples who have encountered problems that stand in the way of achieving personal, relational and sexual goals, Dr. Bloodgood has seen and heard it all – and the common thread always centers around one (or both) partners feeling unfulfilled.

Today, working exclusively as a life coach and mentor to couples, he continues to provide guidance and direction for couples who feel that in some way their relationship could be even more rewarding — particularly if they could deepen and enrich their sexual experience. In response to that desire, Dr. Bloodgood created the Pathways to Intimacy online couples course.

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Pathways to Intimacy online couples course aims to open the door to a new relationship level. Contact us today to quickly and effectively take your sexual relationship to amazing new levels.


    Testimonials from Our Clients

    “We Felt Like Newly Weds”

    In the midst of the corona shut down my wife and I were looking for something that would be interesting and make our relationship even better. For once we had plenty of time for sex. Doing the course was something we looked forward to each week and gave us activities to focus on everyday. The sex was great. We felt like newlyweds learning what each of us enjoyed the most—and that’s after almost 20 years together.