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My father taught me that words have a mystical power to change and influence the lives of others. When I was a child and the other children were reading children’s book and learning nursery rhymes my father sat at my bedside reading the classic books he read as a child and reciting the poetry of the great American Poets. He said knowledge and learning are a gift and they should be used to help others.    Maybe that’s why I have been teaching for fifty years—-and why I have always loved it.  From my earliest experience in a one room school in a remote Village of Native American children — teaching counseling classes to graduate students—or teaching corporate sales people how to help their customers find creative uses for their products, it has been an exciting and rewarding career.

But when my wife and I took some courses in therapeutic methods I knew that was the pathway i would follow for the rest of my life. The joy and satisfaction I found in the deeply moving experience of listening to people share the most intimate and personal details of themselves was a nearly sacred experience. What could be more rewarding than watching a couple resolve deeply troubling, some times heartbreaking problems in their relationship? it was incredibly fulfilling.

After more than 25 years of private practice, I have learned that many couple (perhaps most) face issues that don’t require intense and long term couples therapy. I saw that often they simply need to learn some basic skills of effective communication, empathy, and the ability to listen and understand their partner.

That’s when I made the decision to devote the rest of my life to simplifying and teaching couples those foundational skills that could make “good enough” relationships “great relationships”.

My son convinced me to take the couples workbook I had created years ago and to add those core concepts that world enrich any relationship. He helped me create the Pathways to Intimacy online course that teaches couples how to communicate about their shared intimacy.  

This has enabled me to help countless couples that don’t need therapy, but want to be coached to achieve the relationship that is the best it can possibly be.  And I still get to practice teaching—because words, knowledge, and understanding can change and influence everyone’s lives.

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