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Solving Sexual Issues through my Online Intimacy Coaching Sessions

When I retired from my private practice of psychotherapy, I knew  I wasn’t ready to give up the opportunity to work directly with couples through Tele-coaching. I currently see 10 couples per week for private, confidential online intimacy coaching sessions related to communication and sex.


Self Guided Course to Pathways to Intimacy


Included are:

Increase communication and respectful behavior

Strengthen your connection with your partner

Become more aware of each other’s needs and feelings

Gain the skills to listen, communicate, and problem-solve as a couple

Cultivate intimacy in the context of commitment, openness, trust, and mutual support

Experience more love, joy, and fulfillment in your relationship

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3-Session Introduction to Pathways to Intimacy Coaching


Included are:

One session with one partner (1 hour)

One session with the other partner (1 hour)

✓  Joint session with both partners ( 75 minutes)

✓  One Copy of Fanning the Flames:

Revving up the Romance in Your Relationship

Access to the Complete On-Line Course

✓ Pathways to Intimacy

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The secret desires, fantasies, and unasked questions that you and your partner wish each other knew?  

Wondering how to start that conversation?

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Pathways to Intimacy aims to open the door to a new relationship level. Contact us today to quickly and effectively take your sexual relationship to amazing new levels.

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