More than 300 days of pressurized relationships– how is your’s doing these days?Have you found yourself inexplicably irritable? Easily frustrated? Occasionally depressed for “no reason”? Are there days when your partner is picking away at your last nerve? Disasters force people to confront loss and the possibility of their own mortality. That self-focus puts tremendous pressure on relationships that thrive when the focus instead is on each other.
That pressure can damage even the strongest relationships and bend to the the breaking point or shatter those that were already flawed.
The solution?
First: Its not just you and its not just your partner! Don’t ignore the outside influence of all these powerfully negative elements and their eff ect on everyone’s relationships–acknowledge that some of your frustration and anger with your partner may be influenced by that universal stress.
Secondly: Check in with each other at least once each week–daily if need be–to see where each of you is in terms of your emotional well- being. Don’t let anxiety, frustration, or resentment fester. (But don’t complain and criticize–observe and then stay focused on solutions and resolution)
Thirdly: Establish new rituals for yourself and for the two of you. Create routines that you adhere to with discipline. Let each other
know those behaviors that are creating the most difficult responses for each of you and set boundaries that will ease or eliminate those
pressures. Our of the cauldron of this upheaval you can find renewed
strength, unexpected joy, and greater love.
Relationship Pathways provides a course that helps you to focus on each other and the intimacy you share. Bringing more love, passion, and pleasure into your relationship can help to dissolve the unhappiness and diffi culties that this pandemic has brought into the
lives of many couples. Can you think of a better way to spend this
imposed togetherness?


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1. Do you sometimes wish your relationship today could be more like it was when it first began?
2. Are some subjects too difficult to discuss and often lead to conflict?
3. Do either of you wish you knew more about your partner’s feelings and desires?
4. Are both of you certain that either of you is expressing love in a way that makes the other feel absolutely fulfilled?
5. Have either of you ever felt that sex and intimacy should be easier and less challenging?