Keeping romantic intimacy alive

Keeping romantic intimacy alive

So the plan is that the two of you are going to make sex new, exciting, and maintain and you will create an endless sense of adventure? On the other hand, maybe sex is so great now you’ll never need to change it? Well, that will work—until it doesn’t. Cynics will say,...
I shouldn’t have to ask. They should just “know”

I shouldn’t have to ask. They should just “know”

“My partner never initiates.” or “My partner always initiates”. Those are very commonly heard complaints when I talk with couples individually (before I meet with them together). Next to frequency, initiation techniques are at the top of the list of problems for...


Do you know your partner’s SEXUAL SECRETS? Are there any desires or interests THEY HAVEN’T TOLD YOU ABOUT?

And what about you? What are THE SECRET DESIRES, FANTASIES, AND UNASKED QUESTIONS you've never told your partner about?

In this FREE report, Dr. Bloodgood shows you the 5 EASY STEPS to start the conversation to get you and your partner on the path to OPEN, HONEST and EXCITING SEXUAL ADVENTURES!

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Just answer the 5 questions below to get the result.

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1. Do you sometimes wish your relationship today could be more like it was when it first began?
2. Are some subjects too difficult to discuss and often lead to conflict?
3. Do either of you wish you knew more about your partner’s feelings and desires?
4. Are both of you certain that either of you is expressing love in a way that makes the other feel absolutely fulfilled?
5. Have either of you ever felt that sex and intimacy should be easier and less challenging?